CHERRIES legend and food fanatic Marc Pugh revealed how his love of cooking was stemmed by wanting to improve his game and admitted: “I couldn’t boil an egg eight years ago.”

The 34-year-old, who now has more than 17,000 Instagram followers on his Foodie Footballer page, was instrumental in the Dorset club’s rise to the Premier League.

Pugh joined Cherries in the summer of 2010, with the Dorset club paying a £100,000 tribunal fee to former club Hereford.

The Lancastrian played a key role in promotion from League One in 2012-13 before winning the Championship in 2014-15.

He left Cherries in the summer of 2019 upon the expiry of his contract.

Pugh has since gone on to play for Queens Park Rangers and Shrewsbury but is now a free agent.

Voted Cherries’ Player of the Decade by Echo readers, Pugh is extremely passionate about his love of food and fitness.

“I couldn’t boil an egg eight years ago,” he told Planet Football.

“When we (Cherries) got promoted to the Championship, I tried looking at ways to improve my performance. I did a nutrition course, and I learned an awful lot.

“It showed me foods that fuel you, foods that help recovery, superfoods, that kind of thing.

“I started cooking and I absolutely loved it. I’ve developed a real passion for it.

“I read endless books and listen to podcasts. I’m mad into the nutrition and fitness side of things. I consider myself a bit of a health freak now.”