CHERRIES hope to welcome 1,000 supporters for their home clash with Huddersfield Town next month.

The Terriers are set to visit Vitality Stadium on December 12.

With Bournemouth placed into tier two of the government's new regional post-lockdown restrictions, outdoor sporting events are permitted to welcome 2,000 fans into stadia.

However, Cherries have announced they are first required to host a pilot test event at 50 per cent of their largest potential capacity, meaning they hope to have 2,000 fans in for future games after Huddersfield.

Season ticket holders will be invited to take part in a ticket ballot for each fixture.

They will be able to apply to be seated in groups of four, two and one.

Anyone who is unsuccessful in a ballot can reapply for the next game’s ballot.

Fans who wish to attend a Cherries game will have to agree to a Code of Supporter Behaviour in order to complete their order. This confirms match attenders’ agreement to adhere to Covid-19 measures, together with other health and safety measures that will be in place.