INTERNATIONAL star Jordan Zemura admitted it has been "a crazy week" after he made his senior Zimbabwe debut.

The 21-year-old Cherries ace started both of his country's Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against Algeria in the past seven days, losing 3-1 and drawing 2-2.

The defender, who made his first-team Cherries bow as recently as September, also celebrated his birthday whilst away representing his country.

"It’s been a crazy week," Zemura told afcbTV.

"It’s been a massive week, making my (Zimbabwe) debut and then turning 21. It’s been a lot of good vibes and good energy and love from a lot of people which I’ve really taken in a lot.

"I’m a person that (thinks) if you bring positive energy and good energy into the universe, you’ll get it all back. So to all the people that have wished me well and said happy birthday to me and all the praise that I’ve received, I can only say thank you very much and God bless."

Although Zemura has spoken in the past about his hopes of a Zimbabwe call, he admits it did come a bit out of the blue.

"I think my dad text me because he found out before me and then he just said are you ready? I was a bit confused and then the next thing I know I’m gone, I’m at Heathrow Airport and I’m flying 12-14 hours to get here," Zemura recalled.

"It’s been fantastic, they’ve all been welcoming because I’m the youngest one out of everyone. It’s a bit like, you’re the youngest so you don’t want to be too out there because you don’t know everyone yet but it’s like a massive family here, so it’s good.

"It feels good because it feels like all the hard work back down at the south coast is paying off. The coach trusted me in the first game to start me. It shows how much belief he has in me, which is perfect."

He continued: "As soon as I landed my mum’s mum was here and my grandad was here as well and my aunties and little nephews and cousins as well, all outside the airport buzzing and celebrating to see me.

"After being on the flight for 12-14 hours, it was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome. Just to see them made me a bit emotional.

"I had no idea (they were waiting), when I was coming through the checkpoints I could just see my grandma and was like wow, I couldn’t believe it. My grandad was really, really happy to see me and I was really happy to see him so it was quite a special moment."

The trip away also allowed Zemura to celebrate his 21st birthday with some of his extended family.

"I went to the Nando’s right next to the hotel," he said.

"It was quite nice to see my auntie and uncle.

"It’s been really good to turn 21 especially in a place where my parents were born. I think it’s meant to be here so I’m really happy."