JASON Tindall stressed the importance of maintaining mental health within football and said it was “encouraging” to hear people have sought help.

The Cherries boss was speaking after Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell this week spoke out about how his “confidence took a hit and it affected me in my every-day life”.

England star Chilwell said “in football especially, people don’t like to show weakness” but found it had “helped a lot” to talk about his problems.

In a post via the defender’s Twitter account, he said: “Last year I went through a period where my confidence took a hit and it affected me in my every-day life.

“I eventually spoke to someone about it and found it helped a lot.

“In football especially people don’t like to show weakness. But talking about difficulties or problems in your life with others is important.

“Everyone is going through something and hopefully someone has seen this tweet and feels they are able to talk to someone about something troubling them, where they felt they couldn’t before.”

Asked how important it was to keep on top of mental health in football in general, as well as physical work on the training pitch, manager Tindall told the Daily Echo: “I think both are really important. Certainly, mental health, as guys, I think it’s something we need to be better at in terms of when we are not in a good place - is opening up and seeking that help. It’s refreshing when you do hear people come out and say they have sought help because they’ve felt they are in a dark place and they’ve come out the other side and have done better for it.

“I think that’s great and it’s something that is encouraging to hear for people to do and is refreshing. Physically and mentally you have to be right to be able to perform at the top level and to be able to deliver consistent performances.

“You need to make sure you are good physically and mentally you are where you need to be.”

The Cherries boss added: “It’s something that can probably get overlooked at times in sport – is the importance of being mentally prepared and mentally ready.

“Each individual has got different ways of dealing with certain things and getting themselves in the right place.”