PIRATES charger Zane Keleher has still managed to get on two wheels during speedway’s coronavirus shutdown – in a form of a mountain bike.

The Rockhampton-born star, who is still awaiting his British debut in the skull and crossbones this season, has been making the most of exercise on trail roads to keep his fitness up.

Updating his fans on his official blog, the Aussie star said: “I’ve been pretty lucky.

“Pretty much as soon as lockdown started, I decided to buy a mountain bike and have really been making the most of exercise once a day on my days off, weekends and afternoons. Really getting out, hitting some trails and seeing what the UK has to offer.”

He added: “We’re approaching the end of May, coming into June now, so I have been in the UK for three months.

“Lockdown is slowly starting to be lifted and things are slowly returning back to normal.

“People have got a little more freedom, can go back to work and can go outside for longer periods for exercise and stuff.

“I think in the next update we will have some exciting news, maybe a bit of track time.”