FAN favourite Nicolai Klindt backed Pirates to seal success in the second tier of British speedway and added: “They are going to win some silverware.”

The Danish charger, part of Poole’s 2018 SGB Premiership title-winning team, opted not to feature in the Championship this season.

But Klindt insisted he would still be following proceedings at Wimborne Road and believes owner Matt Ford has built another title-winning septet.

This season is set to be the first since 1990 in which Poole would compete in the second tier, should racing get the green light to begin amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked how strange it was to see Pirates lining up in the Championship, Outrup-born Klindt told the Daily Echo: “It’s very strange but sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward. Matt had a lot going on with his France business.

“Dan (Ford, co-promoter) is more or less taking over now and, in the sense of that, it’s probably more sensible for Dan to be taking over a club that rides in a lower league than the top league.

“He can start from there and then move up again if the plans are there.”

He added: “Hopefully they will be very successful when the season, hopefully, gets under way. Imagine going down, then and doing a clean sweep?

“With the team they have built, obviously Matt is the master of building championship (winning) teams.

“They are going to win some silverware this year if the league starts up. I’m pretty sure about that.”

Despite not lining up in the skull and crossbones this season, Klindt, who is set to represent Ipswich in the top flight as well as having commitments in Poland and Denmark, feels an affinity with the Dorset outfit.

“I still follow the club and what’s going on and they have been really good on social media,” he added.

“When I went down to Poole after last season, I had a meeting and something to eat with Dan and that was one of the main focus points we were talking about. Big thumbs up in regard to that.

“It’s become sort of a family for me if you could say that. I feel like I’m a Poole rider.

“I feel a big part of the club and I am definitely going to miss seeing a lot of people and also travelling down there every week.”