CO-PROMOTER Danny Ford vowed to “brush off” the comments of online trolls and added: “It comes with the territory.”

The 26-year-old is this season set to take on a more hands-on role running Pirates with owner, his father Matt, now living in France.

Oakdale resident Ford manages the Wimborne Road outfit’s social media platforms – and has produced an array of engaging content to get fans involved while the SGB Championship campaign is given the green light to begin.

And although a lot of feedback he gets online about the club is “constructive”, the Poole co-promoter admitted he had to take the rough with the smooth.

He told the Daily Echo: “Social media offers companies the opportunity to pick up feedback like never before, which is a really positive thing.

“A lot of it is constructive criticism and it is nice sometimes to read it and see what the fans are saying – take a little bit of it on board and see what you can improve.

“But you do get a few people on there who do use it to abuse.

“Any sports team will be able to tell you that you get trolls online who will criticise the club no matter what, which is unfortunate to see.

“Maybe British speedway as a whole gets a little bit more of that than its fair share - but it comes with the territory.

“You have got to take it in your stride, brush off the useless comments and take on board the constructive feedback.”

Receiving critics was something Ford was prepared for, having spoken to his dad about it when stepping into his new position at the club.

“Dad prepped me quite well for it,” said the Pirates chief. “He said ‘obviously, you are going to get some stick online’.

“It’s harder for him obviously seeing people criticise me. It really affects him.

“I don’t mind it so much but I just block out the rubbish and take on board the positive and constructive feedback.”

Despite running Pirates’ social media – Ford himself does not have a Twitter account associated with the club.

“I just find you can spend too long on social media and get buried in rubbish,” he added.

“At this moment in time, I don’t need too many distractions. I am focusing on the job and putting all my energy into that rather than scrolling through social media.

“Now I am managing a few social media accounts I get a little distracted but I try to negate that as much as I can.”