JAMIE Redknapp slammed the weekend use of VAR in the Premier League, claiming "Saturday was possibly the system's worst day since its introduction."

Cherries were on the wrong end of two decisions from video assistant referee Chris Kavanagh during their 3-0 defeat at Turf Moor with goals from Joshua King and Harry Wilson ruled out for handball.

There was also controversy in games at Sheffield United, Chelsea and Leicester City across the weekend.

Writing for the Daily Mail, pundit Redknapp, who featured more than 300 times in the top-flight for Tottenham, Southampton and Liverpool having come through the youth ranks at Cherries, said: "I wonder, if we conducted a poll, how many supporters would want to keep VAR in the Premier League and how many would say scrap it? I know which way I'd vote.

"Saturday was possibly the system's worst day since its introduction.

"We look at VAR as if it's the oracle but in reality it's one man, sat behind a bank of screens at Stockley Park, offering his opinion. It's not matter of fact — it's subjective and occasionally he gets it wrong.

"The game feels in a bad place at the moment. Friends of mine tell me they are switching off and that should set alarm bells ringing in the Premier League headquarters.

"Football is about the fans, first and foremost. We cannot have them forever feeling frustrated or lost or as if they cannot celebrate a goal because a chap in a bunker by Heathrow Airport might chalk it off.

"Goal-line technology was arguably the greatest innovation to be introduced to the modern game. The ball is either over the line or it isn't — there is no room for interpretation.

"We all wanted to give VAR a chance but can we now say the Premier League is in a better place with it? Absolutely not. Subjective, incorrect calls are still being made from afar."