EDDIE Howe feels "maybe there's certain things that can be changed" about the use of video technology, but added: "Now VAR is here, I don't see it going away."

Following its introduction into the Premier League at the start of this season, VAR has now been used in more than 250 matches in England's top flight.

In a YouGov survey of 1,396 adults who regularly watch the Premier League, six out of 10 felt the system was working badly, with 67 per cent saying matches were now less enjoyable since the introduction of VAR.

Only 15 per cent wanted the system scrapped completely with 74 per cent wanting it kept, but modified.

"I think there’s good things about VAR but there’s things that maybe need to be changed in the future," Howe told the Daily Echo.

"I think the thought of it is probably right, to try and get more right decisions, to try and make the game fairer in that respect. I don’t think you’re going to get every decision right, even with the assistance of VAR.

"But you don’t want to kill the emotion of the game. You don’t want to kill that moment where supporters are celebrating a moment that can define a season, a moment that can define a game and then leave them second guessing whether it’s going to stand and then the disappointment when it doesn’t.

"So it’s a very, very difficult one, but now VAR is here I don’t see it going away. But maybe there’s certain things that can be changed."

Asked if he feels VAR has evolved since the start of the season, Howe added: "Has it changed? I just think you get used to it.

"When we score now, I have to wait and check myself because you think, let’s see what happens.

"I think that’s the downside of it. That’s the part that I don’t like. But you have it both ways I suppose."