WHILE he may be the newest recruit of Pirates’ class of 2019 – Thomas H Jonasson has done it all before when it really matters in the skull and crossbones.

The Swedish star was part of the Dorset club’s Elite League triumphs in 2011 and 2013 when Neil Middleditch’s men overcame Eastbourne and Birmingham respectively, to add to their emphatic modern-day success.

But having last month been drafted in by owner Matt Ford to fulfil the void left by injured Richie Worrall, what has it been like to once again go for glory at English speedway’s top level?

“It’s amazing, every time it’s just fantastic and I feel the support every time I come here,” said the Vetlanda born charger, with a smile on his face while speaking to the Daily Echo in the pits at Wimborne Road.

“It’s a very positive thing for me to come back in many ways.

“I am here to do a 100 per cent job. I want to feel good and enjoy it, it’s time for that as well. It would be a third time and why not?

“I was ready to do one league and the rest of the meetings with Berwick (in the Championship). I sat in my camper and we had a small talk about it.

“It took me about five minutes to decide (to come back). It wasn’t that hard and I was very happy for the call.

“I am smiling at the moment and I just keep a smile on my face dealing with him (Ford). I am very satisfied to be back for his team, a proud team.”

Jonasson is tomorrow set to line up at reserve as the defending champions kick off their play-off campaign at home against Ipswich.

The table toppers take on the Witches (7.30pm) looking to press home the advantage in their semi-final first leg.

Speaking about competing at the business end of the campaign, Jonasson added: “It’s a totally different feeling.

“It shouldn’t be because every match should be the same and you put in the same effort.

“But there’s just something when autumn comes and the play-offs are around the corner. It’s an amazing feeling, I can’t describe it with words but hopefully I can show it on the track.

“I was looking back at those years we won and it is just perfect timing to come back and do it a third time. Let’s hope the universe is with us and I will get settled a little better.

“Knowing it’s the most important time of the season to really perform, I became nervous after two matches – especially when I scored zero points in one meeting (against Wolves).

“It made me really think about it but we are working really hard to improve for every meeting and we have done that now.”

Jonasson featured alongside Pirates hero Darcy Ward in both of his previous title-winning finals – the man team boss Middleditch has tomorrow dedicated his 43rd play-off meeting to.

Davey Watt, Greg Hancock and current Pirates skipper Josh Grajczonek were also previous title-winning team-mates of the former GP rider.

So how do those teams compare to the current crop?

“It’s a little bit different with different guys but everybody here wants to do the same as we did in 2013 and 2011,” said Jonasson.

“We are on the same page and I like it. There are a few really good team riders which makes me feel good to go and race with.

“It’s just 100 per cent effort now for this one.”