NICOLAI Klindt described as “the scariest thing in my life” a crash between the van he was driving and a moose in the middle of the night.

The Pirates star had been travelling to Slangerup to ride for Danish side Holsted when the collision occurred around 2am on Wednesday.

His van sustained substantial damage as it struck and killed the moose.

However, Klindt and mechanic Piotr Prucnal, also known as Palle, were both uninjured.




In a post on his Facebook page, Klindt said: “I was driving minding my own business at 2am in the morning, sitting in my own little world when I saw something standing in the middle of the road and before I had time to even blink I could see there was a moose and its baby stood right in front of me.

“It was lucky I didn’t drive any faster than the speed limit and also didn’t try and swerve.

“Even though it was the scariest thing in my life, I think Palle was in more of a shock than me because he was sleeping in the back of the van.”

Roadside assistance firm Falck were called to the scene by police and arranged van hire for Klindt to make his meeting in Slangerup, where he bagged 12+1 as Holsted claimed a 46-41 victory.

In a busy week across Europe, Klindt on Monday starred with 17 points for Poole in their 51-39 triumph over Wolves at Wimborne Road.

The following night, he backed this up with 8+1 in Lejonen’s 51-39 success against Masarna.

The Outrup-born rider’s next outing for Pirates is set to be at Wolverhampton in SGB Premiership on Monday.