WHILE Danny Ford has taken on the challenge of co-promoting Pirates this season – he admitted there had never been a chance of becoming a rider himself.

The 25-year-old has been brought up supporting the reigning SGB Premiership champions since he was a child, with dad Matt being in charge for a trophy-rich spell of more than 20 years.

But having stepped up to a new role under his father this season, Broadstone-raised Danny insisted his focus had always been the promotional aspect – and had never even had the chance to ride a bike on the shale.

He told the Daily Echo: “I always used to look up to the guys and think ‘I could do speedway in a few years’. Now, I am actually older than half of the riders, so it’s a little bit daunting!

“I have never actually ridden a speedway bike, unfortunately. The reason being is my dad always said it was too dangerous!

“I know it’s different with some riders because their parents are fans or ex-riders and they are led down that path. But he has always seen it from the promotional point of view.

“It was always a categoric ‘no, not a chance’. He knows more than anyone how dangerous this sport can be and how many riders we have had be injured.

“I don’t know of any speedway rider who hasn’t had an operation or injury. There probably isn’t any.

“I understand it’s a massively dangerous sport. These guys are absolute champions going out there at the speeds they do, with no brakes going into a corner.

“If you’d have asked me when I was younger, I’d have liked to have had a go but I never had the opportunity.

“Whether I wanted to do it now, I probably wouldn’t, because thinking about it is absolutely terrifying.”

A former pupil at Corfe Hills and Broadstone Middle, Danny is learning the ropes of running the business throughout this campaign.

Pirates, who tomorrow host Wolverhampton at Wimborne Road (7.30pm), sit fourth in the SGB Premiership and still have an opportunity to reach the final of the Supporters’ Cup.

They have already sealed the Premiership Shield following a two-legged victory over King’s Lynn earlier in the season.

Danny insisted there had been no-one better to learn from than his father, who has recorded eight league titles in his reign at the Dorset club.

“I think my first (formal) meeting was a BSPA one,” he added. “I was considerably the youngest guy in there, which was quite daunting, but I feel like I got my voice heard.

“I think the rest of the promoters will just come to respect me and hopefully not just see me as Matt’s son but someone with my own views, ideas and bringing that to the forefront in my own right.

“My dad has been so successful at this and I will probably be forever in his shadow, no matter how well I do, because the success he has had at this club has been second to none.

“I don’t mind that too much to be honest. I think people can then see that I have been brought up under him and worked under him for so many years.

“I do want to do my own thing and be recognised for my own ideas – but I also hope people can see I have a little bit of my dad in me.

“We are a very close-knit group here. My dad likes to have the riders round for dinner quite often and try to build relationships.

“I hope I’m the same, I hope the riders can come to me with any problems they have and build those relationships. You never know, some of these riders could be with us for the next 10 years.”

Pirates are set to have Aussie charger Brady Kurtz back for tomorrow's clash.

The Dorset club have not been in action since May 30.