CO-PROMOTER Danny Ford revealed how Pirates would be investing “extensive amounts” in a bid to improve the Wimborne Road track.

The reigning SGB Premiership champions have come under criticism about their race surface this season, with Ford himself admitting conditions had become “sub-par”.

But with Pirates without a home meeting until they face King’s Lynn in the Premiership Supporters’ Cup on June 13, he insisted work would be done as “an investment we have to make”.

He told the Daily Echo: “We have a period of time until our next home meeting and, in that time, we hope to do a lot of work on the track.

“We aim to get in additional equipment that will help us get a level surface, so we have a good foundation where we can put some new shale on top.

“Hopefully it will get a much better working surface.

“It could cost extensive amounts to get this sorted but it’s got be done. It’s an investment we have to make in the track. It may come at great cost but it should be worth it.

“There are no guarantees it will solve all our problems – so it is a bit of a gamble – but we are really hoping it does what we are aiming for and we can get a much better surface for the guys.

“I have no doubt if we get good racing down here it will put bums on seats and that’s what it’s all about, giving the fans a good show, so they feel they have their money’s worth.”

Poole have been beaten three times in different competitions on home shale this season, with defeats coming against King’s Lynn, Swindon and Peterborough.

Despite three wins also on their own patch, Ford insisted track conditions also had to be suitable for entertainment.

“We want fans to come down here and enjoy the racing, see good manoeuvres that put them on the edge of their seats,” he added

“We are working really hard to get it sorted and we are grateful to the fans for sticking with us through this.

“The problem has been us getting large holes and ruts everywhere, so we are aiming to level off the track to give us a better foundation.

“Once we have that level foundation, we should be in a much better position.

“The current equipment we have been using just has not been doing the job, especially for early-start meetings. The track has generally held up much better in the evening meetings but the underlying problems are still there.

“With the work we aim to get done, we should be able to solve these problems."