PIRATES showed no sign of a bank holiday hangover as they cruised to a 51-39 success over SGB Premiership rivals Swindon in the first leg of their bank holiday double header.

Nico Covatti scored 10 from reserve for the hosts at Wimborne Road, while there were also encouraging performances from Richie Worrall (9+2), Jack Holder (9) and Josh Grajczonek (7+3).

Victory earned the hosts three league points ahead of their trip to Swindon tonight (7.30pm).

With Aussie ace Brady Kurtz still awaiting results from a scan on a shoulder injury. Pirates tracked guest Richard Lawson in his place for the contest.

Swindon were without Dawid Lampart after the Polish charger was ruled out with a hand injury – they used rider replacement for the fixture at Wimborne Road.

Having ridden as team-mates for Torun in Poland less than 24 hours previously, Jason Doyle and Jack Holder battled for their respective sides in the opener.

Swindon skipper Doyle got the better of Holder in second – Worrall finished third for Poole as the first heat was shared.

Pirates then stamped their authority on home shale by recording a maximum 5-1 in the reserves’ heat.

Covatti flew out of the gate and led from the front, he was promptly joined by Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen in second, who slipped past new Robins recruit Ellis Perks on the fourth bend of the opening lap.

Drama then ensued in heat three as, with Pirates on a 5-1 through Nicolai Klindt and Josh Grajczonek, Swindon’s Tobiasz Musielak flew off the bike on turn four and was left to receive medical treatment.

The result of the race stood, with Musielak withdrawn from the meeting.

Guest booking Lawson then paid instant dividends for the hosts as he charged home to triumph in heat four – Busk Jakobsen was third behind Perks as Poole extended to 10 points their advantage.

Former world champion Doyle sealed his second race victory of the afternoon by seeing off the challenge of Klindt. Pirates kept their overall advantage however, with Grajczonek in third.

Pirates charger Worrall then sealed a much-needed race win in heat six. The Merseysider overcame Troy Batchelor, who was pushed all the way by Holder in third as the hosts moved 24-12 ahead.

Heat seven saw Adam Ellis lead from the gate for the Robins with Pirates Covatti and Lawson in the minor placings.

Worrall’s resurgence then continued as he surged out of the start to claim race eight, Busk Jakobsen finished third behind Perks to earn the hosts another heat advantage – meaning Poole led by 14.

Visitors Swindon then attempted to rally by utilising Doyle as a tactical substitute to pair up with Batchelor.

The move backfired however with the Robins captain losing control on turn four and smashing into the air fence – meaning he was excluded. Batchelor did however claim the re-run.

With Swindon’s Perks missing the two-minute time allowance in heat 10, he was forced to start 15 metres back. Pirates took advantage with Holder and Worrall combining for a maximum.

After a heavy first turn crash involving Perks and Lawson in heat 11, the former was replaced by Wajtknecht – who then fell on turn three and was excluded.

The re-run saw Doyle get the better of a brave effort from Covatti, with Lawson picking up another point.

Another spill then ensued in heat 12 as Busk Jakobsen and Ellis tussled on bend three. The Pirates reserve ploughed into the fence and was excluded.

Klindt then broke the tapes in the re-run and was replaced by Covatti. Robins eventually claimed a 4-2 with Ellis grabbing the race win.

Robins bagged their first 5-1 of the meeting as Doyle and Batchelor teamed up to see off Holder and Lawson.

Perks’s baptism of fire continued as he fell in heat 14 and failed to clear the track. He was excluded from the re-run. Pirates captain Grajczonek took the chequered flag to earn another heat advantage.

Batchelor triumphed in the final heat by teaming up with Ellis to earn a 4-2 over Holder and Worrall – but it was not to matter as Pirates cruised to a 12-point success.


HT 1: Doyle, Holder, Worrall, Wajtknecht, (3-3).

HT 2: Covatti, Jakobsen, Perks, Wajtknecht, (8-4).

HT 3: Klindt, Grajczonek, Ellis, Musielak (fell), (13-5).

HT 4: Lawson, Perks, Busk Jakobsen, Batchelor (ret), 17-17.

HT 5: Doyle, Klindt, Grajczonek, Perks, (20-10).

HT 6: Worrall, Batchelor, Holder, Wajtknecht, (24-12).

HT 7: Ellis, Covatti, Lawson, Wajtknecht, (27-15).

HT 8: Worrall, Perks, Busk Jakobsen, Ellis, (31-17).

HT 9: Batchelor, Klindt, Grajczonek, Doyle (fell), (34-20).

HT 10: Holder, Worrall, Ellis, Perks, (39-21).

HT 11: Doyle, Covatti, Lawson, Wajtknecht (fell), (42-24).

HT 12: Ellis, Covatti, Wajtknecht, Busk Jakobsen (fell), (44-28).

HT 13: Doyle, Batchelor, Holder, Lawson, (45-33).

HT 14: Grajczonek, Ellis, Covatti, Perks (fell), (49-35).

HT 15: Batchelor, Holder, Ellis, Worrall, (51-39).