MATT Ford confirmed Chris Holder would not begin the 2019 season in his septet – but still believes he “has a future with the club”.

Last season’s title-winning group was the first Pirates team since 2007 not to feature either Jack Holder or elder brother Chris.

Former world champion Chris had signed at Wimborne Road ahead of the 2018 campaign but failed to turn a wheel in the SGB Premiership due to personal issues.

With younger sibling Jack poised to take Chris’s former number one spot, Ford revealed the brothers would not feature together for the Dorset club at the start of the season.

The Pirates chief said: “It would have been nice to line up with both brothers but sadly at the start of the 2019 season that won’t be possible.

“I still believe Chris has a future with the club and I know he wants it as much as I do, but there are still issues off track that need to be resolved.

“Chris certainly feels Jack is ready to take on the number one spot, as he did so brilliantly for so many years.”

Ford added: “I’m pleased with how the 2019 line-up is taking shape and, less one or two Ts to cross and Is to dot, we will have the whole one-to-seven announced before Christmas.”