MATT Ford has confirmed Pirates’ home fixtures next season will be predominantly on Thursdays.

A statement released following the British Speedway Promoters’ Association’s AGM revealed SGB Premiership racing in 2019 would be staged on Mondays and Thursdays.

Poole have typically raced on Wednesdays and boss Ford still hopes to hold some fixtures at Wimborne Road on that day.

He told the Daily Echo: “Thursday will be my day of choice, although if we can, we will still fit in some Wednesdays.

“When it comes to doing the fixture list, which we hope to do in the next couple of weeks, we will work out if it is possible to fit in any Wednesdays.”

Meanwhile, Ford says he is considering a return to team race suits next year. Poole riders wore Kevlars of their own choice in the season just gone as Ford sought to cut costs.

Ford said: “Team suits are an option. I haven’t counted them in or out at this point.

“I know some clubs put it out to fans and they purchased suits and then kept them at the end of the season. There is an option for me to do that."