PIRATES star Richie Worrall believes the SGB Championship is a tougher league than the Premiership.

Worrall rides for Glasgow in the second tier, while his Poole team-mate Nicolai Klindt represents Workington.

Asked what the difference was between the two leagues, Worrall said: “Just one man – the number one. Pretty much everyone else is the same.

“I would say the Championship is harder. Some of the guys are hungrier for it, the racing is harder and you have to be on top of your game.

“It’s not that I don’t put as much effort in when I’m (at Poole) but I genuinely think, with me being number one at Glasgow, it’s tough. We come up against some quick guys.”

Klindt added: “It’s a couple of years since I’ve ridden in the Championship but the main difference is the guys are hungry.

“In the Premiership, it’s not as if anyone is putting less effort in but when you have riders who are only riding in the Championship, they will do anything for a point.

“Most guys in the Premiership have a meeting the following day, so they will pull out of a 50-50 challenge.

“Also, most of the tracks in the Championship are gaters’ tracks whereas tracks in the Premiership are more suitable for passing.”