PIRATES star Kacper Woryna delivered a stunning 17-point salvo at Somerset – before apologising to team boss Neil Middleditch for finishing third in heat 15.

Woryna put in arguably the performance of the season from a Pirates rider, helping his team take a point from the 48-42 SGB Premiership defeat.

Securing four of Poole’s six heat wins, Woryna claimed the scalp of world champion Jason Doyle along the way.

Discussing the Pole’s display, Middleditch told the Daily Echo: “Kacper was outstanding. He was an absolute trump card at reserve.

“We know he is a capable rider – you only have to look at his scores in Poland. By his own admission, he has struggled to get the set-up over here but he certainly got it tonight.

“Okay, he had a few easy rides by his standards but he beat some good boys, including Jason Doyle, which is a real feather in his cap.

“He was even apologising to me about heat 15!”

Poole’s lack of top-end firepower proved costly at the Oaktree Arena, Brady Kurtz and skipper Josh Grajczonek managing just six points between them.

“If you had asked me if I would be happy with a point at the start of the meeting, I would have said yes,” said Middleditch.

“But I feel disappointed we didn’t come away with more. We weren’t firing as a team but the signs are good.

“Somerset are a tough team round here and they were very strong towards the end of the meeting with Jack Holder and Doyley in heats 13 and 15.”

Pirates were without the unavailable Nicolai Klindt while Somerset tracked new signings Claus Vissing and Nico Covatti.

Middleditch’s men recovered well from the early setback of a Rebels maximum, Woryna and Mateusz Szczepaniak powering out of the gate to level matters.

Home fans were disgruntled by referee Dave Robinson’s decision to pull back heat three with the Rebels on a 5-1. In the re-run, Richie Worrall and Szczepaniak took away a useful 3-3.

Woryna gained his second win and Poole then took the lead for the first time. Linus Sundstrom led from the tapes and just about kept Richard Lawson at bay, with Kurtz third.

A second maximum from Doyle and Bradley Wilson-Dean saw the pendulum swing in the Rebels’ direction, with heats seven and eight shared.

Lawson and Jake Allen gave Somerset breathing space with a 4-2 but the inspired Woryna was again lightning from the tapes, this time seeing off Doyle as Worrall took third.

Poole kept in contact with another shared heat despite Holder’s win, before Woryna’s scintillating night continued with his fourth victory.

Holder and Doyle restored the Somerset lead with a maximum and Covatti replaced Allen in heat 14 after the latter missed the two minutes.

All four riders were called back after Szczepaniak’s fall – with Covatti seemingly gone – and Sundstrom made the most of the second chance with a tapes to flag victory.

However, Doyle and Holder proved too much for Woryna and Sundstrom in the closing showdown.


Somerset 48: 1 Jason Doyle (3-3-2-2*-3) 13+1, 2 Bradley Wilson-Dean (2*-2*-0-0) 4+2, 3 Claus Vissing (0-0-f) 0, 4 Richard Lawson (3-2-3-2) 10, 5 Jack Holder (2-3-3-3-2*) 13+1, 6 Jake Allen (1-r-1-f) 2, 7 Nico Covatti (0-1*-3-1-1*) 6+2.

Pirates 42: 1 Brady Kurtz (0-1-2-0) 3, 2 Linus Sundstrom (1-3-1*-1*-3-0) 9+2, 3 Richie Worrall (2-1*-1-2*) 6+2, 4 Nicolai Klindt r/r , 5 Josh Grajczonek (0-0-2-1) 3, 6 Mateusz Szczepaniak (2*-1*-1-0-0) 4+2, 7 Kacper Woryna (3-3-2-2-3-3-1) 17.

HT 1 (re-run x2): Doyle, Wilson-Dean, Sundstrom, Kurtz (5-1)

HT 2: Woryna, Szczepaniak, Allen, Covatti (6-6)

HT 3 (re-run): Lawson, Worrall, Szczepaniak, Vissing (9-9)

HT 4: Woryna, Holder, Covatti, Grajczonek (12-12)

HT 5: Sundstrom, Lawson, Kurtz, Vissing (14-16)

HT 6: Doyle, Wilson-Dean, Szczepaniak, Grajczonek (19-17)

HT 7: Holder, Woryna, Worrall, Allen (retired) (22-20)

HT 8: Covatti, Woryna, Sundstrom, Wilson-Dean (25-23)

HT 9: Lawson, Grajczonek, Allen, Szczepaniak (29-25)

HT 10: Woryna, Doyle, Worrall, Wilson-Dean (31-29)

HT 11: Holder, Kurtz, Sundstrom, Allen (fell) (34-32)

HT 12: Woryna, Worrall, Covatti, Vissing (fell) (35-37)

HT 13: Holder, Doyle, Grajczonek. Kurtz (40-38)

HT 14 (re-run): Sundstrom, Lawson, Covatti, Szczepaniak (43-41)

HT 15: Doyle, Holder, Woryna, Sundstrom (48-42)


Not a difficult choice.

Pirates won six races at the Oaktree Arena and four of those came from Kacper Woryna.

The Pole showed why he is regarded as one of speedway’s most promising young talents with a wonderful display from reserve.

It was not only his opposite number he was beating, it was everyone. Even world champion Jason Doyle came a cropper against him.

Linus Sundstrom also chipped in well on a night when Poole came so very close to getting a priceless away win.