DOLPHIN'S Julie Leake bowed out in the women's singles semi-final at the National Indoor Championships in Melton Mowbray.

She suffered a narrow 21-19 defeat against Riverain's 16-year-old sensation Devon Cooper, who fought back having trailed 15-7.

Cooper went on to lose in the final to Janice Gower from Blackpool Newton Hall who edged home 21-20 against the teenager.

Dorset were beaten 126-101 by Lincolnshire in the final of the Atherley Trophy.

Rink scores): Jenna Earl, Sheila Plaskitt, Louise Catchpole, Penny Strong 14, Jean Arnaud, Ngaio Mapes, Julie Leake, Joan Halliwell 22; Mary Johnson, Jean Thompson, Di Wilson-Rogers, Olive Wells 13, Julie Hudson, Liz Messer, Jenny Osborne, Sue Dadson 22; Gloria Davies, Betty Deaton, Lesley Holmes, Lyn Mountain 16, Kath Desmond, Margaret Hooper, Margaret Crawford, Lyn Howard 20; Lauren Finbow, Sylvia Wade, Jane Saunders, Gloria Haney 29, Pamela Daters, Pat Cornick, Sandie Smith, Barbara Lacey 11; Sue Hoyles, Val Bowker, Ruby Hill, Chelsea Tomlin 31, Sue Maggs, Di Lunn, Pam Lawford, Janet Emerson 9; Pat Thompson, Jean Morris, Rhoda Wing, Jill Edson 23, Sally Williams, Sue Pinnell, Jill Evans, Penny Cresswell 17.