POOLE’S Aussie aces Brady Kurtz and Jack Holder got the better of Rye House’s five-man side as Pirates triumphed 56-33 at Wimborne Road.

In a meeting blighted by restarts and starting offences, there was no halting the Poole charge as Kurtz, Holder and skipper Hans Andersen all racked up three race wins apiece.

With Kurtz powering to 12 points and Holder 11, the pair dubbed Pirates’ next Turbo Twins proved their potential to spearhead the club’s charge for honours in the months and years to come.

Holder led the charge from heat one, with Pirates guest Nick Morris diving under Rockets’ Ricky Wells on bend four to join his compatriot on a maximum.

The action took a worrying turn in race two when Rye House reserve Ellis Perks tangled with Pirates' James Shanes going into bend three, and the pair pounded into the air fence together. Both walked away fairly quickly, with Perks excluded by referee Chris Gay as the cause of the crash.

After the ruptured air bag was replaced, Shanes’s race ended prematurely again when he dropped a chain in the first few metres, leaving partner Nicolai Klindt to beat Rockets rider Robert Branford for a 3-2.

Kyle Newman made his comeback from a shoulder injury in race three, blasting straight into controversy as he hit the tapes. Despite appearing to touch first, Gay bizarrely blamed American racer Ricky Wells for the offence, handicapping him 15 metres.

Newman, who was merely warned for moving, took advantage of the reprieve to grab a paid second place behind team-mate Kurtz in a 3-3, with Great Britain racer Chris Harris taking the chequered flag for Rye House.

Pirates skipper Hans Andersen opened his night with a superb start and victory over seven-time British champion Scott Nicholls in race four, with Shanes picking up third to put Poole 15-8 up.

Fourth-placed Perks promptly withdrew from the meeting after this outing with rib and knee injuries sustained in heat two, leaving Rye House, who were already operating rider replacement for Stuart Robson, down to five men.

Rockets’ plight worsened when number one Kennett blasted through the tapes to incur a 15-metre handicap in race five. But he still managed to secure second.

Kurtz thundered under Branford to hit the front going into lap two. Newman chased furiously to find a way past the former British under-21 champion but Kennett defied his handicap to round them both on lap four, bend two.

Holder was warned for jumping the start in race six but there was no stopping him in the re-run as he led Morris to a commanding 5-1 for Pirates over Nicholls and Branford.

Wells and Harris fired back for the Rockets with a 5-1 over Andersen and Klindt in race seven after leaving Pirates trailing from the tapes.

With Rye House down on riders, they tracked just one in heat eight, and Branford was left behind by Holder and Shanes as Poole responded with a maximum to make the scores 29-18.

Pirates surged further ahead as Kurtz won race nine, with a Newman mistake on lap four costing him second place as Nicholls won a dramatic charge for the line.

Rye House took their last roll of the dice by handing Wells the black and white helmet for heat 10. But he was unable to slash the deficit as Morris took charge for Poole.

Despite Harris rounding Holder for second to inflict the Aussie’s first loss, the Pirate did a vital job in third, keeping Wells at the back to cancel out Rockets’ tactical ride.

Andersen triumphed in race 11, with Kennett denying Poole a maximum with a thunderous charge up the inside of Klindt going into the penultimate turn.

Harris overhauled the fast-gating Newman to win heat 12, with fellow Puddletown resident Shanes chasing Branford relentlessly for third. He earned the biggest cheer as he blasted around the outside to snatch the point on the line.

Race 13 started in a cloud of controversy when referee Gay took the unusual step of excluding Poole guest Morris for moving at the start for the second time in the meeting, with Klindt thrown in to replace him. Andersen got the verdict with Klindt third.

Klindt returned to the track with a win in heat 14, with Wells working overtime to see off Kurtz for second place. But the Aussie struck back with victory in the nominated race.


PIRATES 56: 1 Nick Morris (2*-2*-3-X) 7+2, 2 Jack Holder (3-3-3-1-1) 11, 3 Kyle Newman (1*-0-1-2) 4+1, 4 Brady Kurtz (2-3-3-1-3) 12, 5 Hans Andersen (3-1-3-3) 10, 6 Nicolai Klindt (3-0-1-1-3) 8, 7 James Shanes (R-1-2*-1*) 4+2.

RYE HOUSE 33: 1 Edward Kennett (0-2t-2-2-0) 6, 2 Stuart Robson, rider replacement, 3 Chris Harris (3-2*-2-3-2) 12+1, 4 Ricky Wells (1-0t-3-0^-2) 6, 5 Scott Nicholls (2-1-2-0) 5, 6 Robert Branford (2-1*-0-1-0-0-0) 4+1, 7 Ellis Perks (X-0) 0.

Ht 1: Holder, Morris, Wells, Kennett, 60.72 (5-1)

Ht 2 (re-run): Klindt, Branford, Shanes (ret), Perks (fell exc), 61.00 (8-3)

Ht 3 (re-run): Harris, Kurtz, Newman, Wells (tapes, handicapped 15m), 60.79 (11-6)

Ht 4: Andersen, Nicholls, Shanes, Perks, 60.69 (15-8)

Ht 5 (re-run): Kurtz, Kennett (tapes, handicapped 15m), Branford, Newman, 61.19 (18-11)

Ht 6 (re-run): Holder, Morris, Nicholls, Branford, 60.25 (23-12)

Ht 7: Wells, Harris, Andersen, Klindt, 61.10 (24-17)

Ht 8: Holder, Shanes, Branford, 61.37 (29-18)

Ht 9 (re-run): Kurtz, Nicholls, Newman, Branford, 60.69 (33-20)

Ht 10: Morris, Harris, Holder, Wells (tactical ride), 60.69 (37-22)

Ht 11: Andersen, Kennett, Klindt, Branford, 61.25 (41-24)

Ht 12: Harris, Newman, Shanes, Branford, 61.66 (44-27)

Ht 13 (re-run): Andersen, Kennett, Klindt, Nicholls, Morris (exc start), 61.19 (48-29)

Ht 14: Klindt, Wells, Kurtz, 61.41 (52-31)

Ht 15: Kurtz, Harris, Holder, Kennett, 61.22 (56-33)


THE Holder name is already iconic at Wimborne Road and Jack is starting to show signs of making his own mark in the skull and crossbones.

Three straight wins saw him on his way to 11 points – his biggest haul to date in Pirates colours.

Two third places could not take the shine off a superb effort.

Holder’s confidence is growing by the moment as he proves Chris is not the only member of the family who can master Wimborne Road.