KRZYSZTOF Kasprzak is leaving no stone unturned in his bid to hit top form for Pirates this year – with the Polish star set to ramp up his preparations in Croatia.

The 32-year-old has spent time with his national team and Polish club Gorzow in recent weeks and is on Monday set to make the epic journey to Gorican for pre-season testing.

Kasprzak said: “I am good friends with the Pavlic family, who run the stadium, and it will be good to test the new bikes and try different engine and clutch set-ups so we are ready for season.

“I can’t wait to be back at Poole and to race for them. The winter has gone and the season is nearly here. Apart from some packing, everything is ready."

Kasprzak is due to spend this weekend at home in Leszno having returned from Gorzow's training camp in eastern Poland.

Rooming with Grand Prix star Bartosz Zmarzlik, Kasprzak underwent gym sessions and took ice baths to aid recovery, as well as playing football and engaging in team bonding.

He has two new bikes for the British season as well as three spare engines, all of which have been prepared by renowned engine builder Peter Johns.