BRANSGORE star Scott Mitchell looks set to turn down the opportunity to attend Q School – the gateway to the Professional Darts Corporation.

The 45-year-old, who was beaten in the British Darts Organisation World Championship quarter-final by Richard Veenstra, has received one offer and one enquiry from two management companies that provide financial backing and sponsorship help for top arrows stars.

Entries for Q School must be in by 2pm tomorrow with the event itself – at which players attempt to earn a full tour card – set to take place from Wednesday.

If Mitchell secured his card, he would be unable to take part in any BDO events.

However, the Dorset county star, who is due to hold talks with BDO chiefs this afternoon, admits he is likely to stay where he is.

Mitchell told the Daily Echo: "I have had one offer and one enquiry from two management companies to go to the PDC and it's very flattering.

"It's been a bit last-ditch and whether I'm mentally ready to go and do Q School for four days, I'm not sure.

"I think it would be a rushed decision. I would need a couple of months to think about something like that.

"I've been at the BDO for years and with potentially a few new tournaments round the corner, I'd be a fool to jump now.

"Another thing for me to consider is whether I'd want to stop doing things back at home and at the farm, because that would have to go out of the window as I'd have to put the practice in.

"I think that my plan will be to stay but I'm 80-20."

As 2015 Lakeside champion, Mitchell automatically qualifies for the BDO's premier event for two more years.

The governing body announced yesterday that Lakeside number one seed Glen Durrant, who lost to Scott Waites at the quarter-final stage, would remain under their banner.