CHERRIES are pondering revised plans to increase capacity at Dean Court, with a final decision expected next month.

The club had been evaluating the possibility of expanding the Goldsands Stadium to facilitate crowds of around 18,000 next season.

However, it has been revealed that a new proposal to put an additional 2,200 seats in the South Stand is now under consideration.

Details of the plan were discussed during a general supporter focus group held earlier this month and published on the club’s official website today.

General manager Liz Finney fielded questions put by four supporters, one of which was about the club’s plans for expansion.

The response on the website read: “The group asked Liz to update on the plans for expansion of the ground. She responded that having considered all options, the decision as it stood at the time of the meeting (February 6) was that we would not for the coming season expand the ground other than potentially the South Stand.

“Costings had been received for both an extended temporary and permanent version, both of which would give around 2,200 additional seats.

"On this basis, it was felt that the away allocation could potentially stay in the East Stand so it would increase home capacity. But the calculations were not yet complete as media requirements were not finalised and it was a close call.

“When asked, Liz advised her understanding was that a final decision would need to made at some point in March to allow enough time to complete.”

Should Cherries win promotion to the Premier League, it is understood press facilities would have to return to the Main Stand from their current position in the centre of the East Stand.