KYLE Newman believes the new Elite League reserve ruling can help boost Britain's emerging speedway talents.

Newman is one of the homegrown riders to benefit from the fast-track scheme which will see young Brits taking top-flight reserve berths next season.

Poole asset Newman was snapped up by Pirates and will feature alongside Lee Smart in the number six and seven spots at Wimborne Road during 2014.

Critics have suggested the ruling will affect standards but supporters of the scheme insisted it was necessary to give British riders a chance to progress and also to improve the performances of the national team.

Poole-born ace Newman told the Daily Echo: “It is going to be an experiment and they are going to have to see how it goes.

“It is the Elite League so you want to keep it Elite League standard but it is nice for us British riders to know we have a solid chance to have a good run at it. That gives us confidence so from our point of view, it definitely works.

“I understand that some riders of other nationalities are not so pleased with it and I fully understand because they feel that their chances have been taken away.

“But we have to look at it from our point of view and we have to look to help ourselves a little bit more at times. This might be the stepping stone towards that.”