A defiant mum has defended her trainer washing hack after many branded it “vile and unhygienic” on TikTok.

Wendy Glancy decided to load her dishwasher with multiple pairs of grass and mud-stained trainers after hearing about it online.

Intrigued to see if the hack worked, the 55-year-old set to work collecting her grubby trainers to try it out.

In a video, Wendy can be seen carefully laying the shoes on the top tray in the dishwasher, selecting a 65-degree eco cycle, popping in a dishwasher tablet and hitting the start button.

After completing the cycle, the full-time content creator claims her shoes were cleaner than before but said some pairs may need another rinse to remove the tougher stains.

The mum-of-two shared the clip on TikTok where it went viral racking up more than 885,000 views - but it divided opinion.

Many were quick to congratulate her while others were horrified and branded it “wrong on every level”, with one commenting “remind me to never eat at your house”.

Wendy, from Cambridge, said: "I know dishwasher tablets are well known for getting things clean, so I decided to give it a go and it did work.

"Some of the shoes had grass on so I made sure this was all removed and brushed down before putting them in as you don't want this going in your dishwasher.

"I was shocked at how viral the post went. I'm getting an awful lot of grief [from TikTok users] saying things like 'remind me to never eat at your house'.

"They are just people's opinions; everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

"I think it's an independent choice. If people find it absolutely disgusting, then don't do it.

"On the other hand, some people were saying they wanted to give it a go in the comments.

"If you have a house full of teenagers, you're forever trying to keep shoes clean."

The video divided opinion, with some hailing the hack while others branded it 'unhygienic'.

One user wrote: "Can't believe no one has invented a dishwasher for trainers yet, especially with the price of them."

Another commented: "I've been doing this for years!"

Other TikTokers were less convinced by the cleaning method.

One user wrote: "That's horrible. My OCD is triggered."

Another added: "No, wrong on every level. Unhygienic."

A third said: "This is why I would not eat at anyone else's house. It's vile."