In the first major policy announcement ahead of the general election, Rishi Sunak pledged to get 18-year-olds to either join the military for 12 months or do “volunteer” work one weekend a month for a year.

The Prime Minister said the national service plans would help unite society in an “increasingly uncertain world” and give young people a “shared sense of purpose”.

But Home Secretary James Cleverly said the plans were aimed at getting young people “out of their bubble” and would not involve the threat of criminal sanctions for those who refuse to comply.

Yet it might come as no surprise that social media has exploded with people reacting to the Conservative's latest plans, should they win the general election on July 4.

From Louie Spence running down the stairs and a group dance routine to Kelly Rowland's hit Commander, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest responses – happy scrolling.

Social media's funniest reactions to Conservative's national service plans

Where do you go when you need a laugh? X of course.

The social media platform (previously known as Twitter) has been flooded with people responding to the Tory's national service plans announced late last night (May 25).

This person wrote "me after climbing out of the barracks window 5.45am Day 1 National Service" along with a clip of Louie Spence running down the stairs saying "what they gonna do, shoot me?"

Another meme included a three-second video of Greg Davies as Mr Gilbert in The Inbetweeners offering some wise words:

A user humorously shared how they would react if given weapons during national service:

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This account gave their followers an idea of how they would get on during national service with their friends - dance routines only.

One profile on X captioned this picture with: "My mother standing over my bed today waiting for me to get up for National Service."

Have you seen any funny national service reactions on your social media timelines? Share them with us below (but don't be too rude).