Too Good To Go is adding a new feature to its app, making it easier for users to collect its Surprise Bags.

The anti-food waste organisation is introducing an option that means customers can “Ask-a-Friend” to collect their Surprise Bags when they’re not able to.

Before the new feature, customers would need to take their phone and use the app to collect the bag so to have someone else collect it would mean being without their phone which isn’t always possible.

Too Good To Go says that the new feature is not only more convenient but it could also inspire more people to use the service and fight against food waste.

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What is a Too Good To Go Surprise Bag?

A Too Good To Go Surprise Bag offers consumers a way to rescue good food from going to waste from a wide variety of local stores, cafes and restaurants.

On the Too Good To Go Marketplace app, people can reserve Surprise Bags of unsold surplus food for pick-up at a reduced price during a set collection period.

You can find out more about the Too Good To Go app via the website.

Bournemouth Echo: The new feature aims to provide a more convenient way of picking up Too Good To Go Surprise BagsThe new feature aims to provide a more convenient way of picking up Too Good To Go Surprise Bags (Image: Too Good To Go)

How to use the new Too Good To Go app feature

Customers will need to reserve a Surprise Bag as normal via the Too Good To Go app and tap “Ask a Friend” if they need to nominate someone else to collect it for them.

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They will need to send the invitation link and then all the friend needs to do is accept the invitation and collect the Surprise Bag.

Sophie Trueman, Managing Director for UK and Ireland at Too Good To Go, said: “In the face of life's unpredictability, our new 'Ask-a-Friend' feature becomes a comforting ally.

“When plans shift and our users find themselves unable to reach the store during the collection window, the ability to now seamlessly delegate the task to a friend, partner, or family member becomes a very useful and easy solution.”