Tributes have been paid to the actress Pamela Salem who has died at the age of 80, it has been reported.

She had a number of roles across TV and film including as Miss Moneypenny in Sean Connery’s James Bond film Never Say Never Again, Professor Rachel Jensen in the Doctor Who serial 'Remembrance of the Daleks' and Sarah Whale in the film Gods and Monsters.

Alongside that, she was also known for her science fiction roles in Blake’s 7, The Tripods and Into The Labyrinth and appeared for 37 episodes in EastEnders.

Salem also reprised her role as Professor Jensen in the Doctor Who spin-off audio drama series Counter-Measures.

Tributes paid to Pamela Salem

Many tributes were paid to Salem and her work across the industry, with one fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, sharing: "Such sad news to hear Pamela Salem has died she was fantastic in arguably two of the best Doctor Who stories there’s ever been.

"She was such a lovely lady to meet too, always so chatty and interested in you. She’ll be much much missed."

David Richardson, who knew her through producing at Big Finish who make Doctor Who audio dramas, said: “Pamela Salem was lovely, and we all loved her. Whenever there was a Big Finish recording for her, she’d fly in from Miami on her own steam, without fuss or fanfare, and appear at the studio armed with the warmest smiles, the biggest hugs and often presents.

“She was a very gentle person, always interested in everyone from her co-stars to the production team to the guest actors and visitors.”

Actor Karen Gledhill, who co-starred as Allison Williams in Counter-Measures, said: “Pamela was the kindest, most generous actor I have ever worked with.

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“Back in the 80s on Remembrance Of The Daleks (my first proper TV job), she took me under her wing and led me through a wonderful but slightly daunting experience. We became friends, and whenever we met were always so pleased to see each other.”

The Fantom Events social media page also posted: "We are so sad to learn that our dear friend Pamela Salem has passed away. A brave and courageous fighter, a talented lady, gentle spirit and a positive shining light in a sometimes darkened world.

"She will be missed by many, and our thoughts are with her family.