Making sure your passport is in date and has enough validity on it depending on what country you are travelling to is one of the most important things to check before heading to an airport.

The last thing anyone needs before boarding a flight and finding out your passport is due to expire or has already done so.

Another nightmare with regards to travelling abroad is losing your passport, through being misplaced or stolen just before you’re due to fly.

If you unfortunately find yourself in this situation, you might be wondering what is the quickest way to replace one.

Bournemouth Echo: When was the last time you got a new passport?When was the last time you got a new passport? (Image: PA)

What is the fastest way to replace a lost British passport?

Those who have lost or had their passport stolen should report it to the GOV.UK website as soon as possible.

“If you need to travel urgently or within six weeks you can apply for an emergency travel document,” advises the Post Office.

“If you do not need to travel urgently or within six weeks then you can apply for a passport from overseas.”

It adds: “Stolen passports should also be reported to the police. You can report a stolen passport by telephoning 101 in the UK.

“Stolen passports abroad should also be reported to the local police and ask for a written police report.

UK Passport Renewal Guide

“You may need to provide this to the British Embassy when applying for a new passport or to your travel insurer if you wish to claim for the expense involved in changing your travel plans.”

Some people may need an urgent passport if they are due to travel within a months time, in which case you can use the Fast Track service.

The Post Office comments: “This involves attending an appointment at a Passport Office (you can choose between Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Newport or Peterborough), where you’ll need to hand in: a completed application form, two valid passport photos and any supporting documents.”

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You should receive your new passport in seven days but at peak times of the year appointments can be booked up quickly.

If you don’t need to travel within at least four weeks, you can fill out a passport application form online or via the Post Office.

This is because it takes an average of three weeks to get your passport using the standard service.

However, it can take six weeks or longer during the summer months.