Baileys is a popular drink choice at Christmas time, but experts have warned Brits there is one common mistake people make that can cause problems.

Households across the UK will be rushing to their local supermarket to stock up on the alcoholic beverage in time for the festive period. 

But the experts at have warned Brits about the way they dispose of the drink, and the one thing they shouldn't do. 

Expert issue warning about Baileys and the problem it can cause

The trade experts said that while Baileys was delicious, it didn't keep very long, and people's first instinct was to pour it down the sink. 

But this is not what you should do according to the tradesmen at

Bournemouth Echo: Will you be enjoying a glass of Baileys this Christmas?Will you be enjoying a glass of Baileys this Christmas? (Image: Kasia2003/Getty Images)

The experts, in the Irish Mirror, said: "Cream liqueur drinks, such as the popular Christmas favourite, Baileys, can be a problem for your plumbing at Christmas.

"While it may be delicious to drink, it doesn’t keep for long, and often ends up down the sink.

“However, this sort of beverage should never be disposed of in this way.

"Cream liqueurs have a large fat content, and as such falls into the category of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Greases).

"FOG should never go down the sink, as it sticks to pipes and can cause blockages. It’s also what’s responsible for ‘fatbergs’ in our sewers.”

Baileys isn't the only thing you shouldn't pour down your sink this Christmas. 

Leftover Turkey fat should also be avoided as it causes the same problems as Baileys. 

Bournemouth Echo: Turkey fat can also cause problems if poured down the sink.Turkey fat can also cause problems if poured down the sink. (Image: Getty Images/Robin Gentry) said: “As with Baileys, turkey fat is classed as FOG.

"Half the population admit to pouring FOG down the drain, but don’t be one of them.

"The problem with pouring leftover fat down the drain is it will cool, which can lead to blockages and fatbergs in your pipes.”

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The experts at also reminded UK households that finding a tradesperson over the Christmas period can be extremely difficult, not to mention expensive. 

They added: “Calling out a plumber on Christmas Day is not easy - both in terms of availability and on the wallet.

"Emergency callouts can be four times as expensive as a regular one - and even more at Christmas.”