Rishi Sunak is being encouraged to sack Suella Braverman over an article in which she accused the police of bias.

The home secretary wrote an article for The Times in which she compared a pro-Palestinian rally planned for central London on Armistice Day (Saturday, November 11) to sectarian marches held in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

She has also come under fire recently after looking to restrict the use of tents for homeless people, saying it was sometimes a lifestyle choice.

Alongside the Troubles comment in an earlier draft of the article she claimed right-wing protesters were "rightly met with a stern response" while "pro-Palestinian mobs" were "largely ignored" as reported by BBC News.

Bournemouth Echo: Suella Braverman's article was allegedly not cleared by Downing StreetSuella Braverman's article was allegedly not cleared by Downing Street (Image: PA)

Ms Braverman's article was reportedly not cleared by Downing Street and suggested changes to the text were not made.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have called for her to be sacked whilst Tory attorney general Dominic Grieve said she had "created chaos within government."

Suella Braverman under fire for 'divisive' article

The Times itself reports that Ms Braverman defied demands to take out a section of her article.

This was the part in which she said that the pro-Palestinian marches since the start of the war in Gaza were “disturbingly reminiscent of Ulster” and were an “assertion of primacy by certain groups”.

Additionally, a comment made towards the Met against “soft touch” policing of Saturday’s march was removed at the request of No 10.

The Times adds that the Prime Minister may bring forward a cabinet reshuffle, planned for before Christmas, to dismiss Ms Braverman.

Bournemouth Echo: Rishi Sunak is being encouraged to sack Suella BravermanRishi Sunak is being encouraged to sack Suella Braverman (Image: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire)

Among those supposedly being considered for her job is Oliver Dowden, the Cabinet Office minister and deputy prime minister.

Dowden attended two political meetings on Thursday, which sources said included a discussion of a reshuffle.

Some ministers allegedly clashed over the remarks with Paul Scully, the minister for London, accusing her of “fuelling hatred and division”.

However, Lee Anderson, the deputy chairman of the Tory Party, said the home secretary was “only saying what most people are thinking."

Cabinet ministers refused to endorse Braverman’s claims.