Storm Ciaran is expected to hit much of the UK in the coming days as the Met Office has issued several weather warnings.

Warnings of heavy rain and strong winds across Scotland, parts of Wales and much of Southern England.

It's expected that Storm Ciaran will bring around 80mph winds and 60mm of rain throughout the week.

Whilst you can track the Storm on the Met Office website, property owners are being advised to prepare.

Rain and storms could see some flash flooding and strong winds could damage properties will fallen trees and debris.

So you can prepare your home, experts have shared their advice ahead of Storm Ciaran.

How to protect your home from Storm Ciaran


Keeping your floor safe during heavy rain and potential flooding is key, as Managing Director of Factory Direct Flooring​ Paul Hambidge shares:

"Use a mop or pump to remove as much excess water as possible before attempting to dry out your floors with dehumidifiers or fans, making sure the electrics aren't also damaged by the flooding before plugging anything in."

Paul adds "Some flooring types are particularly vulnerable when it comes to water damage, so the next steps after this will depend on your flooring type."

If you have solid or engineered wood flooring you will need to prepare for water damage as wood is likely to absorb water and expand, ruining the floor.

As Paul shares: "To minimize the risk of this happening, make sure to apply a proper finish to your floors which will act as a barrier. You can also place mats and rugs in areas that you know may suffer from moisture."

Bournemouth Echo: Experts share you should check your gutters ahead of a storm.Experts share you should check your gutters ahead of a storm. (Image: Getty)

Laminate flooring is typically okay with water damage if dealt with quickly, but that doesn't mean it's waterproof.

To protect the laminate flooring you should "apply a sealant to the locking mechanisms when fitting the boards, as this will stop moisture from lingering in the cracks between laminate planks."

Experts from Toolstation have also shared advice ahead of Storm Ciaran, as plumbing and drainage category manager Danielle Robinson and landscape category manager Matt Kent help homeowners be prepared.

Check the gutters 

It's important to clear any leaves and debris that are in the gutters to prevent them from overspilling.

The best way to clear gutters is to secure a ladder before climbing up to the guttering to scoop out the debris with your hands and then remove any clogs in the downspout by using the scoop or hose.

Check the roof

A visual check of the roof allows you to see any loose or missing tiles, but you should never get up and walk on the roof as this could cause serious injury or damage.

On the inside, you should check for any leaks or telltale signs to look out for including cracks of light coming from outside, a breeze or strong airflow, and discoloured insulation. 

Store away furniture

Make sure to store away any garden furniture items or for the larger items that cannot be easily moved, make sure to secure them down so they cannot move in high winds.

Secure garden fencing

Check your garden fencing for any loose or damaged panels that could come loose in any high winds.

For any cracked, or broken fence panels, now is the time to replace them with a new stronger one or if there’s not enough time, either secure or remove the weak fence panel.