Great British Bake Off fans expressed concern for one baker after one of them almost fainted and had to leave the tent.

Tasha was in the midst of the technical challenge and with filming taking place on a very hot day the heat proved a bit too much for her.

She was advised to take a break from the tent but she wasn't able to complete the challenge and went home.

Great British Bake Off's fourth episode saw the bakers take on Chocolate Week and a number of tricky challenges along with it.

The Radio Times synopsis read: "The Signature sees them making a tricky torte before going on to make a cheesecake in the Technical.

"The Showstopper challenge tests the contestants' skills to the max as they prepare a chocolate box fit to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith."

Great British Bake Off viewers show concern for Tasha

Great British Bake Off fans were worried about Tasha, with one posting on X (formerly known as Twitter): "Poor Tasha.... hot day, can't remember many of those this summer."

Another wrote: "Oh no Tasha!" and another added: "Oh poor Tasha".

Meanwhile, one person posted: "Poor Tasha. Heatstroke is a bugger."

Some questioned the decision to film the Chocolate Week episode on a hot day with one posting: "Without fail chocolate week is filmed on the hottest day of the year. Why do they never learn??"

One person agreed, writing: "Do they specifically schedule the filming of Great British Bake-Off so Chocolate Week coincides with the hottest day?"

Another exclaimed: "Just do the bake off in an air conditioned studio for the love of god."

Despite Tasha not completing the challenge, Paul Hollywood confirmed she will return next week.

The Great British Bake Off continues at 8pm on Channel 4 on Tuesday, October 24