The Great British Bake Off has become one of the biggest and most popular competition shows in recent years. 

Originally starting on BBC, it later moved to Channel 4 and continued to grow with more than 13 series created so far. 

Whilst the contestants change every season, the judges have remained the same for some time. 

Paul Hollywood has featured since the programme first aired in 2010 and Dame Prue Leith joined when Dame Mary Berry left in 2016.

Ahead of the new season, we've answered some of the biggest questions, including how much the popular judges get paid for starring in The Great British Bake Off.

How much does Paul Hollywood get paid for The Great British Bake Off?

After moving from the BBC to Channel 4, it was widely reported that Hollywood got a rise in his paycheck. 

Reports suggest that over three years, the baker gained £1.2 million as a judge on Bake Off. 

However, that contract is now believed to have ended, earning him £400,000 a series, meaning he is expected to be on a bigger pay packet now.

Bournemouth Echo: Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. (Image: PA/ Channel 4)

How much does Prue Leith get paid for The Great British Bake Off?

Dame Prue keeps her salary hidden, however, when she first joined in 2017, her contract reported suggested £200,000 a season. 

The judge's current pay is not published but it's suggested to have increased.

What is Paul Hollywood's net worth?

The baker has built himself a very nice sum of money throughout his baking career, with it being reported that his net worth stands at an estimated £11.5 million, according to Heart

What is Prue Leith's net worth?

Dame Prue is believed to have a net worth of over £85 million, reports The Sun. 

Built over her career, the chef has gained her wealth from selling books, being one of the best chefs in her field and appearing on TV.