A P&O cruise ship carrying thousands of panicked Brits has apparently crashed off the coast of Mallorca in Spain.

The ship was said to have hurtled into an oil tanker after strong winds left those on board stranded.

It was reported that a storm "suddenly hit" the island, forcing the Britannia to anchor before the harrowing incident.

Passengers (including Brits) were told to assemble at the emergency points by the captain and crew after a loud bang was heard aboard, according to reports by the Mirror.

Bournemouth Echo: Mallorca has been battered by heavy wind and rain this weekend (PA)Mallorca has been battered by heavy wind and rain this weekend (PA) (Image: PA)

Terrifying footage was shared of furniture being thrown about the ship as staff members attempted to maintain calm on the 140,000-tonne boat.

P&O ship hurtles into other vessel off the coast of Mallorca

One woman, who was on board the P&O cruise with her partner and two children said to WalesOnline: "We have now been told we’re allowed to leave our cabins but we can’t do anything on the ship and all the crew are in their life jackets and doing all of their emergency things. The side of the boat is battered."

She claimed: “We were docked overnight in Palma and the wind was so strong our anchors broke and we blew out into another ship.

"We were up browsing on our phones in bed and heard the big horn after the bang. It was panic stations, I was bawling my eyes out.

Bournemouth Echo: P&O Cruises has since responded to this incident (PA)P&O Cruises has since responded to this incident (PA) (Image: PA)

"We went out onto our balcony and could see debris in the ocean and all the damage to the side of the boat and our lifeboat. The captain said: ‘Everyone to their muster stations, this is not a drill.’ Lots of people were running around looking panicked. Then they came around again and said everyone needs to get back to their cabins.

"We’re still none the wiser. I can’t see how they’ll be able to sail it again after this.”

This comes after the islands faced flight delays and cancellations over challenging weather.

A spokesperson for P&O Cruises said: “We are aware of an incident involving Britannia on Sunday morning while the ship was alongside in Palma de Mallorca. We are working to assess the situation. The captain is keeping all guests updated.”