While brushing your teeth is a mundane but essential daily task, it can be nice to switch up the toothpaste you’re using from time to time.

Whether you head into a shop and pick a toothpaste that’s on offer, like I do, or you like to experiment with a more expensive option, there are lots of tubes to choose from and it can be difficult to know where to start.

I decided I’d try more expensive options to see if making the switch would be worth it and the results aren’t what I expected.

I tried expensive toothpaste – here’s how it went

I ordered a tube of Zing toothpaste from its website and then headed to Tesco and picked up a tube of Colgate Max White Ultra.

Zing toothpaste – Soft Peach

Bournemouth Echo: The flavour of this toothpaste was a nice change to the usually minty toothpaste I'd normally useThe flavour of this toothpaste was a nice change to the usually minty toothpaste I'd normally use (Image: Newsquest)

The thing I most liked about the idea of trying Zing’s toothpaste was that it comes in some unique flavours that you wouldn’t usually associate with brushing your teeth, including the Soft Peach flavour I added to my basket.

Soft Lemon and Apple & Kiwi are also available as well as Original Mint.

A 75ml tube of Zing toothpaste costs £12.99 but at the time I bought it, it was available for £9.99 and there was an offer on so I got some discount, making the tube £6.49.

However, I then had to pay for delivery which was £3.99, making the total cost £10.48.

Although I did save some money with the discount, paying more than £10 for a tube of toothpaste isn’t something I’d want to be doing every time I ran out.

Having said that though, the peach flavour was a nice difference to the typical mint you usually get with a toothpaste and you can buy the toothpaste in bundles.

It took some getting used to though as the texture was quite different to the toothpaste I’d use normally.

Zing toothpaste can also be bought in bundles of four, either of the same flavour or one of each for £39.99, although at the time of writing, bundles are available for £35.99 in the sale.

Zing says its toothpaste is vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free but I don’t think it’s a realistic swap for me when it comes to the cost.

I enjoyed trying it and the packaging is much nicer than your average tube of toothpaste so it definitely impressed in some ways.

The screw-on lid is easy to take off and put back on since it's made from a smooth material and it's a decent size, unlike some other toothpaste I’ve used in the past.

Colgate Max White Ultra

Bournemouth Echo: The taste of this Colgate Max White Ultra toothpaste was disappointingThe taste of this Colgate Max White Ultra toothpaste was disappointing (Image: Newsquest)

Next, I tried a tube of Max White Ultra and I really expected more from Colgate.

The flavour of this toothpaste was really strong and although I’ve tried toothpaste that is really minty before, this was something else and not in a good way.

The taste was enough to put me off brushing my teeth and that’s not what you want when you spend £10 on a tube and want to maintain your pearly whites.

Luckily though, when I went to Tesco the tube was on offer for £5 with a Clubcard so I saved myself a bit of money.

Having said this, paying £5 for a tube of toothpaste that I didn’t like the taste of still wasn’t worth it.

I kept using it to see if I could get used to the taste and it was just as off-putting as it was the first time around and made brushing my teeth a chore.

The packaging of the toothpaste did score some points for me though as it comes with a flip lid that stays attached so I didn’t have to awkwardly screw the lid on and off like I would with some other toothpaste.

Overall, I wouldn’t swap my usual toothpaste for any of these more expensive options.

This is because I was left unimpressed with some factors including the cost and flavour.

Sometimes it’s best to stick to what you know and this was definitely one of those times.