Streaming service giant Netflix has revealed its new subscription prices for no adverts, and the new cost has not sat well with users online. 

The £6.99 basic tier - ad-free and what we have all been paying for some time - is no longer available.

Now, new or returning subscribers will have to pay £4 more: £10.99.

If you’re on this basic tier already, it will remain the current cost for the time being.

That said, they are now offering a significantly cheaper subscription as well, at £4.99 with adverts.

This slash in price has contributed to a surge in new users, with Netflix reporting an extra 5.9 million subscribers during the April-June period, according to numbers released on Wednesday.

The gains easily surpassed the roughly 2.2 million additional subscribers that analysts surveyed by FactSet Research had anticipated.

Netflix ended June with 238.4 million worldwide subscribers.

It shows the latest sign that their recent crackdown on password sharing and the roll-out of a cheaper version of its video streaming service is paying off.

In response to the price increase, however, users weren't overly impressed.

Killakather Tweeted: "I cancelled mine recently and it was so freeing - my parents used my account and that was the main reason I kept paying. I barely have enough time to watch all the good stuff on iplayer and C4, @NetflixUK was a waste of money."

"Netflix are extremely greedy," Kyle Sewell commented.

Stuart Provan added: "Not worth it. Netflix have lost the plot."

Some however were swayed by the no ads, which is the real contentious issue with the new bracket system: "I'm willing to pay it to not watch any adverts at all...I've zero tolerance of ads these days...won't watch anything with ads, I switch off," Marnie Andi said.