The energy regulator Ofgem has ordered three major energy firms to pay a total of £8 million, including over £6 million to customers.

E.on Next, Good Energy and Octopus Energy are the companies concerned and are being reprimanded after failing to pay compensation in time for missing final bill deadlines.

The three energy firms have paid about £60 per customer in compensation to the 100,000+ households affected by the missed payments, which are due if a supplier does not provide a final bill within six weeks of a customer switching away.

MoneySavingExpert also reported that a further £1.7m will be paid into Ofgem’s voluntary redress fund.

Bournemouth Echo: Octopus Energy is one of the companies that is giving money to former customersOctopus Energy is one of the companies that is giving money to former customers (Image: PA)

This supports charities to deliver energy-related projects, such as helping energy consumers in vulnerable situations.

What did Martin Lewis have to say about the issue?

Whilst on Good Morning Britain today (Wednesday, May 17) Martin Lewis discussed the subject.

He said: "When you switch [energy firms] the rules state that the firm has six weeks to give you a final bill.

"If it does not give you your final bill within six weeks there is a £30 compensation due to the now former customer. If they do not give you the £30 compensation within a couple of weeks, I think it is after that, there is then a £60 compensation due.

"These companies did not do any of that so customers are due at least £60 compensation."

He went on to say that many customers would have already received this money, but might not have been aware why.