It might be common knowledge to most people that it is a good idea to replace items such as toothbrushes every so often for hygiene purposes.

However, that knowledge might not extend to other commonly used items around the house and bathroom.

Interior experts from have revealed how often Britons need to replace certain items, such as toilet brushes.

Nic Shacklock from said: “We don’t realise how often things in our home may need replacing from a hygiene point of view. If things look clean, we simply leave it be.

“However, there’s a real danger of not replacing some of these items such as the toilet brush or even frying pans after a certain period, as the germs that linger can cause a wide range of health problems.

Bournemouth Echo: Certain items, such as toilet brushes, need to be replaced after a certain amount of timeCertain items, such as toilet brushes, need to be replaced after a certain amount of time (Image: Canva)

“Have a look around the home and think about how long you’ve had some of these items. If they’ve been in use for a long while, it may be time to get the bin bag out.”

How often do you need to replace bathroom items?

It is recommended by to replace your toilet brushes around every nine months.

They said: "Nobody wants a dirty toilet brush in their home, particularly one which has outstayed its welcome.

"While they can be cleaned with bleach and toilet cleaner, the bacteria tend to linger on the stems of the brush. They should be swapped out every nine months at the least."

In terms of other items they recommended changing shower curtains every three months, toothbrushes every six months and towels every two years.

When discussing toothbrushes they said: "The bottom of the toothbrush is a pit for bacteria, even if the toothbrush is cleaned thoroughly.

"It can be swimming in a pool of germs if it’s left in a holder beside the sink. Every six months it’s worth investing in a new one to prevent any illness occurring from simply brushing your teeth."

Meanwhile, for towels, they said: "Although most people wash their towels regularly, they may need to go every couple of years.

"Bacteria and fungi can linger on towels which can result in skin rashes and illness, even after they’ve been soaked and cleaned."