Today's Prime Minster question saw many ask why MPs were wearing a head of wheat on their lapels. 

Although it's not unusual for members of parliament to wear a badge in Westminster, the wheat did leave many asking questions. 

However, the MPs haven't decided to make their suits more autumnal, instead, they are showing their support for farmers as part of a campaign. 

Why were MPs wearing wheat in PMQs?

Today (November 2) marks Back British Farming Day, which was created by the National Farmers Union (NFU).

It's now in its seventh year and aims to help highlight the work of British farmers. 

However this year, the organisation is asking the Tory government to support the sector whilst the cost of living crisis massively impacts the sector. 

Bournemouth Echo: PAPA (Image: Canva)

NFU president Minette Batters said "This year’s event comes at an extremely important time for British farming, and for the country.

"As the nation faces continued economic challenges, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s immediate priority will be to establish economic stability for the whole country.

"This includes for our farmers and growers who, like many households, continue to face significant challenges, including rising energy costs."

The day is being marked by focusing on the winners of the NFU’s Community Farming Heroes award. 

The winners are nominated by MPs and are given to farmers and growers for outstanding contributions to their local community and beyond.

Many members of parliament did wear the wheat, including Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer. 

However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was spotted not wearing the pin.