Marks and Spencers (M&S) have released their Christmas advert for 2022, seeing an iconic comedy duo reunite. 

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, better known as French and Saunders, star in the festive advert showing the brand's Christmas range. 

French had previously starred in M&S's Christmas advert last year as the chatty and helpful fairy, alongside Spider-Man star Tom Holland who voiced the brand's beloved character, Percy the Pig. 

But this year French is joined by long-time comedy partner Saunders who plays Ducky, a dog toy running away from a playful but adorable pup. 

Watch M&S's 2022 Christmas Advert

Starting the advert as French hunts for a friend, marking that it is "finally Christmas", she flies around the Christmas tree deciding that none will do, before seeing Saunders beaten down Ducky.

Bringing her to life as Ducky asks "What's going on? Is it playtime already?"

As French explains it's Christmas and Saunders shares that she's "not exactly ready for it", French tells her she looks great. 

The slightly down beat, Ducky quickly responds "Well, I suppose I do, considering I'm chased around by that four-legged dog" adding a "quack" as the playful pup runs in ready to play.

But saving Ducky, French's fairy gives Ducky the power to fly using her magical powers, seeing the pair soar across the room. 

This then shows the brand's new products from Sole Gin, Cranberry sourdough loaf, cherry liquid wreath and more.