A limited edition 50p coin was sold for £165 on eBay after a 32-way bidding war between potential buyers on the digital auction platform.

The coin, which was first issued in 2009, depicts the Kew Gardens' famous Chinese-inspired Pagoda tower.

The Royal Mint, which is responsible for producing UK coins, said that the Kew Gardens coin is "arguably the most sought-after."

This was the case when the 2009 coin, which was made to commemorate the 250-year anniversary of the opening of Kew Gardens in London, caught the interest of bidders.

The coin was listed as "Fifty Pence 50p 2009 - Kew Gardens Genuine" and sold for £165, with £1.70 in postage and packaging being added to the total sum, the Liverpool Echo reported.

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Remarkably, the coin started at an asking price of 99p before jumping over 166,000% in the period it was being bid over.

There were apparently 210,000 of these put into circulation but it has been warned that the 2019 versions of these coins sell for much less than their 2009 counterparts.

The average price of the Kew Gardens coin can range anywhere from around £150 to £161.

Special 50p coins in circulation 

The Royal Mint is known to create and circulate special or limited edition coins to commemorate occasions or events.

Such coins include those made to honor diversity in Britain and famous writers like Beatrix Potter who wrote Peter Rabbit.

Harry Potter 50p coins from The Royal Mint

Recently, The Royal Mint said that it would be introducing a series of Harry Potter coins to commemorate JK Rowling's series of wizarding children's stories.

Some of these coins, including the gold £200 denomination coin could sell for over £5000.

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What is Kew Gardens?

The Kew Gardens or the Royal Botanic Gardens first opened in 1759 and is an extensive park and leisure area in London's West.

It has a number of features including one of the largest herbariums in the world, with almost 9 million preserved plants and fungi.

It also has a number of walking routes, including tree-top walkways and The Great Pagoda.

What is The Great Pagoda?

The Great Pagoda in Kew Gardens was built in 1762 and is an imitation of a Chinese Pagoda.

The attraction is 50 metres tall (around 164 feet), and sits near other Asian-inspired sites such as the Minka House, a Japanese home built in the 1900s that was brought to Kew Gardens in 2001.