The popular craft beer brand, Brewdog has revealed a new mock IPA following the dramatic events in Downing Street this week.

The joke beer is named 'Lettuce Vote' in a homage to the viral Daily Star Lettuce that outlived the former Prime Minster, Liz Truss, who resigned yesterday afternoon.

The pretend product, which was unveiled by the company's co-founder and CEO, James Watt on Instagram, appears to also be inspired by calls for a new general election amid anger at another Conservative leadership race.

In a post on the social media platform, he said: "I bet BrewDog are going to do some sort of 'funny' lettuce beer about Truss now.


Before adding: "(note: we will not actually be making a lettuce flavoured beer)"

Users were quick to respond with one poster saying: "How about the name... Truss no one..." while another added: "It couldn't be any worse than her 6 weeks."

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The Liz Truss lettuce

Earlier in the month, The Daily Star began a live stream on YouTube of an iceberg lettuce to see if Liz Truss' tenure as PM could outlast the vegetable.

'Lizzie lettuce' was placed next to a framed portrait of the Prime Minister and was soon victorious when Truss announced she would be stepping down next week.

In celebration, the live stream began playing the national anthem as well as party tunes set to disco lights to commemorate the 'accomplishment'.

Last night, a projection of the lettuce wearing a wig was beamed onto the Palace of Westminster to mark the moment.

Liz Truss apologises for mistakes made as Prime Minister

Why did Liz Truss step down?

Liz Truss stepped down after immense pressure grew for the PM to leave after her economic growth plan caused chaos in the UK economy.

The Tax cuts led to a run on the pension fund, a collapse in the value of the Pound against the US dollar, and affected thousands of mortgages across the country.

There were also chaotic scenes at the House of Commons over a vote to ban fracking which saw major resignations, confusion, and apparent incidents of manhandling from supporters of Truss.

The Prime Minister announced she was stepping down yesterday afternoon and a new leader will be found by next week as Conservative MPs and members began their selection.