Footage of the time that Kwasi Kwarteng was on University Challenge has resurfaced following the MP's sacking as Chancellor. 

It comes after Prime Minster Liz Truss asked Kwarteng to 'stand aside' as Chancellor which he agreed to after chaos was unleashed following his mini-budget. 

But now some savvy researchers have re-discovered footage of Kwarteng during his time on the hit BBC quiz show University Challenge. 

The footage from 1995 shows the former Chancellor in his first TV gig as he makes some rather embarrassing blunders on the show and even swore twice. 



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Aged just 19, Kwarteng was part of the team representing Trinty College Cambridge and came under pressure when being quizzed by the show's host Jeremy Paxman.

In one clip from the show, Kwarteng is seen to give an incorrect answer and fails to hide his frustrations after buzzing to answer and saying "Oh f***, I've forgotten."

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But that wasn't the first time the ex-Chancellor made a blunder, as he continued to get stressed and said the same expletive once more. 


Bad boy

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The shocking behaviour even made it to national papers, with headlines from The Sun dubbing Kwarteng as the "Rudiversity Challenge".

Although there were a few blunders from Kwarteng, the group from Trinty College Cambridge was able to pull themselves back and be crowned champions of University Challenge later that year.