Newspapers from the day following the death of the Queen are already selling for a small fortune.

Newspapers serve as a time capsule of history and as publications across the UK print commemorative editions tomorrow to look back on the Queen’s funeral, it may be worth grabbing yourself a copy if papers from just 10 days ago are anything to go by.

Commemorative copies of UK newspapers including the Daily Mail and The Times from the day after the Queen’s death are already selling for hundreds.

A royal memorabilia expert revealed the staggering cost newspapers are already selling for on ITV This Morning last week.

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The expert said: "Newspapers are fantastic. They are accessible. They're cheap. We can all buy them.

"But they're, in effect, a time capsule. In 20 years time, we can bring these out and we can have a look at all the memories on the day."

He added: "These are going for astronomical prices at the moment."

The Daily Mail from 8 September is reportedly selling for as much as £100 while The Times is going for a whopping £200.

Sandi Henning, An Esty seller who specialises in Queen merchandise, told Yahoo News that royal memorabilia can be a profitable market.

She said: "Collectors cherish them. Pieces from her coronation are the most sought after, in my shop anyway.

"The queen was a remarkable woman. Respected, admired. People feel a connection to her and want that very unique memento of her time."