Talk TV presenter Kate McCann has broken her silence after she collapsed live on air during Tuesday's Conservative leadership debate. 

The TV host released a statement on Twitter the following day revealing that she would return to the show on Wednesday evening for "unpicking the debate with some new polling".

The update comes after Prime Ministerial hopeful Liz Truss was forced to dramatically stop mid-answer during a TV debate on Tuesday when an off-camera 'medical issue' shocked viewers - and the candidate herself.

After the programme came off air, Talk TV updated viewers that Ms McCann was fine but had been medically advised not to continue the debate.

Kate McCann breaks silence after collapsing during TalkTV debate

On Wednesday, the presenter herself addressed fans: "Well that wasn't how last night was supposed to end!

"Thanks everyone for the lovely messages- I'm fine now - and apologies to @trussliz and @RishiSunak for cutting the debate short.

"Tonight I'll be unpicking the debate with some new polling from 7pm ( ...yes, sat down!)."

Watch the moment Talk TV leadership debate pulled off air

The incident brought a dramatic reaction from the Foreign Secretary, who threw her hands to her face and looked concerned.

Ms Truss, who was taking part in a debate held by The Sun and TalkTV, uttered a dramatic 'oh my God' as viewers heard a crash in the background of the broadcast this afternoon.

She moved towards the scene of the disturbance before the cameras cut from the live feed.

Following the news, many viewers have sent well wishes to the presenter, hoping for her quick recovery.

One user wrote: " Ahh Kate you were brilliant - polite but firm. Will be great to see you back."

Another fan added: "I was enjoying that! Glad you're better. Look forward to seeing you on telly again later. x"

A third posted: " Glad you’re doing well Kate x"