Now TV customers across the UK have been urged to check their direct debits after some users complained after being charged more for the popular streaming service.

Customers are being warned over a ‘hidden’ monthly charge for the Sky streaming service.

Some users of the Sky streaming service have been charged a £5 monthly fee for the ‘Boost’ package without realising they were signed up for it. Over a year this adds up to £60.

Now TV Boost allows subscribers to watch programmes in HD on several devices, and it is advert free.

Why are customers being charged?

It appears that some unsuspecting customers have been charged the £5 monthly fee for the package after it was automatically added to their account after signing up for a free trial.

If subscribers are unaware they are signed up, the package could end up adding £60 extra per year to bills.

Questioning the charge on social media, one customer wrote: "Hello, I’ve only just noticed that I seem to have been being billed for something called 'Boost' on top of my Now TV subscription.

"I’m not sure what Boost is and I don’t remember subscribing to it."

Someone else said they had a similar problem, writing: "Just seen a charge for @NOW TV Boost on my bank account.

"I’ve actively avoided signing up for this extra charge that gets you basically nothing only to have Now sign me up without me knowing about it."

Another added: "Why have I started being charged £5 for a Now TV 'Boost'?"

A spokesperson for Now said: "We know our members value the option to stream our content in HD and on multiple devices simultaneously.

"Therefore, at checkout, we wanted to offer this functionality to all members as quickly and easily as possible via our Boost membership."

How do I cancel my Boost subscription?

NOW TV customers are given the option to sign up to the ‘Boost’ service when subscribing to the service.

Customers should be asked if they want to add a Boost free trial at the checkout, but subscribers need to be aware they will start to be charged for it once the trial ends.

An additional £5 per month will be added to the cost of the subscription package you are signed up for unless it is cancelled before the free trial is over.

When purchasing a bundle, it is possible to remove the free Boost trial at the checkout if you wish.

Those who already have a NOW TV subscription and have already signed up to Boost by mistake can cancel it by logging into their account online.

Once logged in, go to "memberships and vouchers" in the drop down menu and look for Boost. If it is listed, simply click "cancel membership" to get rid of it.

Customers will still have access to the service until their next bill is due, after which it will become inactive.