British holidaymakers have been warned about new rules in Spain which could land them with fines at beaches.

A number of laws could result in tourists picking up fines, the Express reports.

Holidaymakers going to the toilet in the sea or at the beach will be given a £640 fine, after the city council of Vigo announced a new public urination law.

Town officials said public toilets were being installed on beaches, and failure to use them would land tourists in trouble.

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Other local authorities in Spain have announced that fines would be imposed for people dressed inappropriately in the street.

This included woman wearing only a bikini and men without a top.

Among other new rules introduced, using soap in the sea will now be banned, as will reserving a spot on the beach with a towel.

While Majorca announced Brits won't be allowed in Palma Beach restaurants or bars if they are wearing football shirts.

The clothing ban includes tank tops without straps, swimming trunks, swimsuits, and football tops.

CEO of Palma Beach, Juanmi Ferrer told the Express: "The situation on public roads is worse now than in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

"We already consider the season lost in terms of incivility control.

"We need support from the authorities because neither the businesses nor the residents can stop it."