An inflatable chair from Asda has seen a huge surge in popularity after going viral on the social networking service TikTok.

The Ozark Moon Trail chair has already sold out online and in multiple physical Asda stores across the UK.

As reported by Bristol Live, a TikTok user who posts under the handle @katie.ann.l shared a video on Monday (May 9) of herself walking up to the chair and sitting on it while eating.

Text that accompanied the video read: "This is everyone's sign to go to Asda and get the £12 inflatable outdoor moon chairs. Life changing!!"

The video has already accumulated more than two million views and over 260,000 likes.

@katie.ann.l Honestly been living in it the past 2 days! #asda #fyp #summer #unilife #foryou #outdoors #camping #lifetips ♬ Emotions - Brenda Lee

Many viewers of the video had questions about the chair, which resulted in the original poster creating a separate video to answer some of those, such as the fact the chair does not come with its own air pump.

On the supermarket website, the description of the chair reads: "Comfortable flocked surface with sturdy coil beam construction. 2 air chambers construction, super comfortable design."

The chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it comes in three different colours in blue, red and lilac.

Whilst the chair has sold out online and in some stores it may still be available to find in some other Asda stores.

You can go to their website here to find Asda stores near to you if you want to go on the search yourself.