Keir Starmer is due to make a statement today, Labour has confirmed but where can you watch it?

The Labour leader is to make the televised statement at 4 pm and will likely address beergate, the Durham Police investigation and his future as Labour Leader if fined.

The Labour leader was said to be in talks on Monday about whether to announce the pledge, after pulling out of a scheduled event where he would have faced fresh questions.

Sir Keir was facing pressure to set out his position after he called for the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak after they were fined for a Covid breach.

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There has been a lot of speculation about what Keir Starmer might say in his statement which you can read here.

How to watch Keir Starmer statement today

Keir Starmer will be making a televised statement at 4 pm on Monday, May 9. 

You will be able to watch it live on the BBC News channel or on BBC iPlayer.

Did Keir Starmer break lockdown rules?

Bournemouth Echo: Keir Starmer. Credit: PAKeir Starmer. Credit: PA

Labour has said that the food was consumed between work events, meaning it was within the rules despite the ban on indoor socialising.

Sir Keir, a former director of public prosecutions, told reporters on Saturday: “As I have explained a number of times, I was working in the office, we stopped for something to eat.

“There was no party, no breach of rules, I am confident of that.”

He said he would not resign and would lead Labour into the next general election.

But the Labour leader was facing calls to answer fresh questions after a leaked memo suggested the takeaway was planned, with no further work apparently scheduled after dinner.

Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting said he did not know why Sir Keir cancelled his appearance at the scheduled event but insisted he was not avoiding scrutiny.

Mr Streeting told BBC Breakfast: “I have no idea why he cancelled the event and I certainly didn’t ask before I came on because I think it’s such a trivial issue.

“The idea that Keir has been dodging questions… I mean he’s been out all weekend, even after a local election campaign where we did very well, he’s been out thanking Labour teams, particularly in the places that we did particularly well in these elections.”

Mr Streeting added that Sir Keir has faced journalists “wherever he’s been”, including as recently as Saturday, adding: “The idea that Keir is somehow ducking scrutiny is simply not true.”

Conservative universities minister Michelle Donelan accused Sir Keir of hypocrisy, having pressured Boris Johnson over Downing Street lockdown breaches, for which the Prime Minister was fined by police.

Some 46% of people believe Sir Keir should resign if he is fined by police, according to a YouGov survey of 1,674 adults over the weekend.

That includes 48% of those who voted Labour at the last election, which is higher than those who voted Tory, at 40%.

With the police investigation continuing, 54% responded that Sir Keir either probably or definitely broke the rules.